A constantly revolving team will cripple an organization.

For a company to grow and prosper, it needs a solid foundation of talented, dedicated employees. People who are well-trained, who support each other’s efforts, who are clearly focused on the organization’s vision and goals.  Strong individuals need to gel into a cohesive team.  And that just won’t happen if you have a turnover problem.

Afraid turnover issues are weakening your company?  Ask yourself the following questions:

Do great employees suddenly quit, leaving you wondering what went wrong?

Do your managers spend an inordinate amount of time disciplining or counseling underperformers?

Do you see your managers and HR staff constantly having to rehire for the same position?

Are your current “problem employees” former “great new hires?”

Do you dread the thought of hiring because of how frequently you’ve made selection mistakes in the past?

If you answered “yes” to several of these, then turnover problems are holding you back.

It all starts with the right hire.

Too often companies wait until they’ve lost a talented performer to ask, “What did we do wrong?”  Or they notice it’s the third time in 18 months they’ve had to hire someone for the same position and wonder, “Why can’t we get this right?”    When frustration levels are high, it’s tempting to look for easy answers and quick fixes, for someone or something to blame.

But wrongly focusing on the symptoms instead of the underlying causes gets you nowhere.  Stop looking solely at what happened after the employee was hired and instead think about your selection process.  Was this individual a good fit for the job to begin with?  Did you make sure during the interview process you really understood the person’s strengths and weaknesses?  Did you identify what you could improve through training and coaching and accept the things that realistically might never get any better?   Did you take your time and conduct thorough, in-depth interviews, or did you rush through the process just to get someone in place quickly?

Time and again we find that turnover issues are frequently rooted in poor hiring practices.  Managers may hire a great person but place the individual in a job that’s a bad fit.   Or they may recognize the match isn’t the best but extend an offer anyway, hoping to get the person to change down the road.

This is where Berke can help.  

Berke helps you identify exactly what you’re getting and not getting in a candidate.  Where you’re hitting the mark and where you’ll be compromising.  We help you determine an individual’s success potential, both short-term and long-term.  And we offer suggestions for how to manage areas where the person will potentially struggle.  

High retention rates start with great hires.  Berke can be your first step in stopping unwanted turnover today.