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Candidate testing helps you build a better business.

Every job is different. Your pre-employment assessment should be too. Mix and match tests to assess personality and problem-solving abilities. Compare candidates to your jobs and instantly see the fit. The result? You hire happier employees who are more productive and stay longer.

Hire with confidence.

Screen faster.

Pre-employment testing helps you quickly identify top candidates. Whether you use pre-employment tests early in your recruiting process or later, Berke makes your screening process more efficient.

Know candidates before you hire.

A resume and an interview can only tell you so much. Berke reveals more about your candidate’s true potential, personality, and work style. No more surprises after you hire.

Interview consistently.

Each of your hiring managers has a different interview style. Berke’s customizable interview guides standardize your process so every interview is more consistent and effective.


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Simple concept. Incredible results.

Measure the job.

Create custom hiring profiles for jobs at your company. Identify the personality characteristics and cognitive abilities you want in your top performers.

Measure the person.

See beyond the resume with quick and accurate assessments. Discover more about who the candidate is and how they will perform in the job.

Measure the fit.

Berke reports make it crystal clear where a candidate and a job match -- and where they don’t. Custom interview guides lead to engaging interviews.

Good processes are always evolving.
Hiring is no exception.

Learn how to transform the way you recruit, assess, interview, and select employees!

Help, every step of the way.

When you have a question, our dedicated team of Berke assessment specialists are here to help. We offer you support and training across phone, email, and chat. And when you hire that awesome employee, we’re just as excited as you!

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“Hiring Managers refuse
to meet with anyone who hasn’t
completed Berke.”

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Marcelle Wood,
Chief Human Resources Officer
Hanover Research

“I tell everyone about Berke. It has transformed the way we hire people. The results are spot-on.”

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Dave Lancaster,

“There is no more struggling to figure out how a candidate matches a job’s requirements – Berke does it for us.”

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Joeann Lomax,
Director of Human Resources
Shea Properties

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