Emotional intelligence testing

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) refers to one’s ability to recognize and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others. Pre-employment emotional intelligence tests help employers identify which candidates have better relationship management skills and who can be aware of and in control of their emotions. Emotional intelligence tests also guide decisions on which candidates to place in leadership positions.

People who are emotionally intelligent are:

  • Self-aware
  • Able to perceive other’s emotions
  • Not quick to react
  • Likely to help others
  • Able to empathize with others
  • Curious
  • Adaptable

What impact does emotional intelligence have in the workplace?

The emotionally intelligent candidate understands how their behavior affects other people. They can learn from constructive criticism, are motivated by their ambition, and are often resilient in the face of adversity. People who are more emotionally intelligent avoid workplace drama like power struggles and are more empathetic toward the concerns of others.

Before hiring a candidate, it’s important to understand what skills and traits the person possesses. Berke measures a person’s personality traits and provides job fit ratings based on how well their traits align with the requirements of the job.

Positions that rely on emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence sounds like a universally beneficial quality. However emotional intelligence is more important for some jobs than others. Jobs that require higher levels of emotional intelligence for success are:

  • Salespeople
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Customer Service Associates
  • Teachers
  • Counselors

Berke works with organizations to benchmark employees and develops hiring profiles that outline which traits are critical to success so that they can identify the best talent.

Related skills.

Emotional intelligence is a term that encompasses many traits such as:

How to assess emotional intelligence in an interview.

During an interview, you can assess someone’s emotional intelligence through hypothetical scenarios and through questions about past experiences. Ask candidates to solve for an emotionally heated hypothetical situation. For example, a prospective teacher could be asked how to handle a situation with an irate parent about a student’s poor performance. How tactful a solution do they offer? Does the candidate exhibit aggression or empathy? Regarding past experiences, you could ask candidates how they have handled criticism in the past, or how they resolved a conflict. Pay attention to the candidate’s reactions. Does their body language seem relaxed or tense? Does recalling past challenges seem to upset them? An emotionally intelligent person can recall challenges in a constructive, reflective manner.

Each Berke report comes with personalized interview guides with questions that facilitate open conversations.

Berke Assessment.

Berke measures a range of traits that relate to emotional intelligence including responsiveness and adaptability. We work with organizations to develop hiring profiles that outline what levels of each trait influence success. Once a candidate takes the assessment, their results are compared to the hiring profile to produce a job fit score. Job fit scores make it clear if a person is a high, medium or low fit for the job. Berke makes it easier to select top talent and hire confidently. 9 out 10 people who have used another assessment say, Berke is Better!

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