Culture fit assessment tests

Culture fit assessments help organizations determine if candidate values align with corporate ones. When there is a misalignment with culture fit, teamwork suffers, morale drops, productivity decreases, and turnover increases.

Before candidates can be assessed for culture fit, the culture must be defined. By testing current employees, organizations can identify trends in their workforce and use that data to screen future employees.

Why is testing for culture fit important?

Employees whose values, preferences, and needs align with the company’s standards are more likely to be satisfied with their job, stay longer, and perform better. A 2005 Study from the University of Iowa showed that employees whose norms and values were in line with the company's principals had greater job satisfaction, were more committed to doing their job well, and remained at the organization.

The specific traits that determine whether a candidate is a good culture fit for your organization will depend on your company values and how it operates. An excellent way to identify the traits your company values is to create benchmarks based on top performers who possess the attitude that leaders want to foster.

For instance, in highly-collaborative organizations leaders would likely value teamwork and adaptability. Conversely, organizations that require more solitary work, may value task-orientation, and resourcefulness.

How to assess culture fit in an interview.

An excellent place to start when evaluating culture fit in an interview is asking a candidate questions about their work preferences and style. Do they prefer: collaboration or self-directed work; an open floor plan or offices; frequent, informal feedback or more formal performance reviews? Ask them how they would approach teambuilding. Ask them what motivates them. Ask them to explain a time they resolved a conflict. Ask them what they would do if they were overwhelmed with a workload or unsure of how to achieve a goal.

Make sure that all interviewers have a firm understanding of the company culture before assessing culture fit an interview. Provide hiring managers with definitions and examples of what types of responses would indicate a good culture fit. Berke allows customers to customize their interview guides to include this type of information.

Berke Assessment.

When organizations are seeking to define their culture, Berke helps them understand the DNA of their workforce so that they can articulate what values and traits are most important.

While Berke measures seven personality traits and four cognitive traits, personality traits impact culture fit more than cognitive traits. Hiring profiles outline the traits that are most predictive of success in the role at that company. So you can find the candidates who will add value to your culture with Berke!

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