Predictive hiring profiles help you identify the best candidates.

Define success.

To hire a great employee, it helps to know what success looks like. A hiring profile defines the personality traits and problem solving abilities required to succeed.

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Be job specific.

Each job at your company requires different skills, personality traits, and problem solving abilities. You can create a unique hiring profile for each position you need to fill.

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Score candidates.

Traits selected for inclusion in a hiring profile are weighted. Traits weighted more heavily count more towards predicting job success. This means that your candidates are always scored on how well they match up with your hiring profile.

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Three levels of customization.

Profile library

Choose from a library of more than 700 pre-defined, job-specific hiring profiles we've cultivated over time and use.

Custom profiles

Create hiring profiles tailored to your company's culture and to each open position you are looking to fill.

Job benchmark analysis

Work with the Berke team to benchmark current employees and create a baseline to further enhance your hiring profiles.

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