Replicate your top performers.

Our extensive research shows that top performers in specific jobs often share certain core behaviors and talents. We also find they frequently have traits not found in middle or lower level performers.

The goal of a Job Benchmark Study is to find answers to two critical questions:

  • What traits do top performers in a particular job have in common?
  • What traits set top performers apart from their peers to make them unique?

How it works.

Invite your team members in a specific job to complete the assessment and ask their managers to rate their job performance. Berke’s research team statistically analyzes the data and identifies the traits that separate your top performers from everyone else. The result is a finely tuned hiring profile that shows you who to hire next and who to avoid.

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an updated job profile

Continuous Improvement.

Berke works with you to continually assess and modify your hiring profiles to make sure they reflect your current situation. As you hire new employees and they establish a track record of performance, Berke can incorporate their data into your hiring models as well. This way your hiring profiles continue to improve over time.

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