Why Choose Berke?

Berke blows away the competition. It's easy to use, easy to understand, and dead-on accurate. Lisa Calhoun, CEO, Write-2-Market
Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer had a great selection process. But they needed it to be more objective and more scientific. That’s where Berke came in.

David Weekley Homes

David Weekley Homes has been on the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work list for 7 straight years. Berke is a key part of their people process.

Royal Cup Coffee

Royal Cup Coffee makes some of the best coffee in the world. How do they do it? Their secret ingredient is their people. And Berke helps them select great people.

Winter Construction

Winter has a deep commitment to high quality construction. They are also highly committed to their people. Berke helps them select and develop their people.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Results are SPOT on

The results so far have BLOWN me away! I work with these guys 12 to 16 hours a day and travel 4 nights a week with them – I know them better than their own mothers know them! Your system’s results are SPOT on.

-Jason Schwartz, Principal at Acensium

It's Magic!

I love the Interview Guide. I won't ever do another interview without it if possible. We find it to be quite helpful and revealing. Most candidates are blown away at how Berke derives the information it does and from the questions in the Interview Guide. We just tell them it's magic!

-Daniel Rothrock, Director of Property Management at Eaton Realty

You Rock!

Berke is an excellent assessment backed by a superior team of professionals. You guys rock!

-Tally Flora, CEO at Red Seat

Extremely Happy

We are extremely happy with the assessments and your interface. Being able to easily rate people against more than one job is very cool. I also thought you were great to deal with personally… I like to give credit where credit is due.

-Rick Malthaner, Director of Sales at Cervion

Unlike Anything I Have Seen

Berke is unlike anything I have seen. I invited a long-standing employee to take the test. I wanted to gauge the accuracy of the assessment by comparing it to my 15+ years of empirical knowledge. The results were nothing short of amazing. Berke described the employee near perfectly. I will never make another hire without this invaluable service. The fact that the cost is reasonable is just icing on the cake.

-Audra DiLuciano, Firm Administrator at Wickens Law

Loving Berke

Our employees are loving Berke. And job candidates are shocked by Berke's insight and accuracy. I've never been able to get a group of people genuinely excited about "personality reports" in 15 years. They're even filing into my office asking questions about themselves and how to work better with others!

-Brandon Siegesmund, VP Operations at More Than Rewards

Can't Say Enough

I cannot say enough about the positive impact Berke has had on our company. We would not even THINK of hiring a corporate employee without Berke. I highly recommend this tool for hiring.

-JoAnne Williams, Founder/CEO at JWilliams Staffing

The Best I've Ever Seen

I’ve been in the business for nearly 30 years and have personally hired hundreds of people. The Berke system is simply the best I have ever seen.

-John Madden, President at Wayne Floors

We Love Berke

We love Berke and I have already referred you to 4 other companies. You should be expecting a call from all of them.

-Kerri Tandi, Director of HR at Pasquinelli Homes

Can't Imagine Hiring without Berke

We had a desperate need to find qualified and capable people. We assessed our top employees and created a baseline Job Profile. The test results have been strikingly accurate, sometimes even creepy! The interview report has been extremely valuable. I firmly believe we are making better hiring decisions and now have a more of a complete understanding of our new hires. I can’t imagine going through the hiring process without Berke!

-Tim Elan, Manager of Estimating at Pacific Union Homes


Berke is awesome and so good for us. We interviewed a candidate this morning, used the assessment, and then made an offer this afternoon. It’s amazing.

-Lauri Redmond, HR Manager at English Gardens

I'm Flying Now

I'm new to Berke and am working my way through the learning curve. Within the first few days, several questions came to mind and I needed creative and technical assistance. In every instance, responses were timely and helpful. You guys impressed me. I'm not a fledgling anymore. I'm flying. Thank you!

-Bob Ward, President, Wardden LLC

Worth a Million Bucks

We just hired our first team member using Berke. He is an excellent match to the position "Berke-wise", and he will be a great addition to our team. Berke is going to make a big difference in the quality of the people we add to our team. I expect we will have lower turnover and happier staff as a result. And that's worth a million bucks!

-Ann Moseley, VP at Clark Construction

Freaky Accurate

It is downright freaky how accurate you guys are. We like this candidate and he has made friends, but he is noticeably slow on some stuff and not as hard as he should be sometimes... Unreal!

-Mark Taylor, Partner at JAIR LYNCH

So Impressed

We were so impressed with the results on the assessment for the Purchasing Agent position that we would like to use it again for our Marketing Supervisor position.

-Dave Myllymaki, Director of Operations at New Tradition Homes

Love Your Product

I love your product! It was right on as I expected. I validated my first Berke Profile and it went great. And my employee was thrilled at the fact that it was right on!

-Bonnie Schultz, Human Resources Manager at Imperial Marketing

Incredibly Accurate

You guys are really onto something here. When my boss reviewed my Berke report, he said that it was like you guys had actually interacted with me on my job. Impressive!

-Ashley Whitfield, Regional Director of HR at Western Carolina Treatment Center

Far Better than the Competition

Berke is FAR better than the competition and provides information that is MUCH more relevant to our business.

-Laura McMurrain, VP HR at Jones Day

An Upgraded Sales Team

Berke is helping us immeasurably in our sales efforts. We've really improved our sales capabilities.

-Adam Epstein, COO at AdMarketplace


Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Berke is so helpful. You can tell everything at glance. It all makes perfect sense.

-Paige Hall, CEO at AboutFace


Wow! I am absolutely giddy to use the Berke Interview Guide. It provides managers with the questions that we’ve wanted them to deduce and ask for themselves.

-Mike Lecki-Ewing, VP HR at Wayne Homes

A Great Hiring Tool

Berke has helped us to really dig in and understand our company culture and find the right employees for each position that we are hiring for. We've also told several of our clients about this great hiring tool. We love it!

-Jennifer Morrison, Marketing Director at Price Kubecka

A Better View

We hired a whole bunch of new people in the last few months. Berke definitely gives us a better view of the people that are coming in and how to work with them to make them succeed.

-Kohei Kishida, Restaurant Owner at Umi Sushi

Like a Religious Experience

Berke was like a religious experience once we started using it. It's so freakishly accurate. It's proven itself over and over again. We don't hire anyone without it.

-Nancy Brown, Partner at QI Healthcare Solutions

More Than Just Recruiting

I must tell you how much we, as a company, value the information Berke provides to us about candidates. Berke has become more than just a recruiting tool but also a performance management tool. Whenever a manager experiences issues with employees, the first thing we do is pull out their Berke and so often those problematic traits and talents are spelled out by Berke.

-Marcelle Wood, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hanover Research