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.NET Framework

Berke offers the following tests:

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • .NET Framework 4.5

.NET Framework 2.0

45 questions

This assessment measures the ability to develop and implement Web-based applications with the .NET Framework 2.0. It is structured so that the majority of the tasks fall under the Core Concepts category with the remainder distributed among COM Interoperation, .Net Enterprise Services, Distributed Applications, Assemblies, and the Run-Time Library. This assessment is appropriate for any individual who would be working as an administrator and/or developer on a team in a medium or large development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Developer or Visual Studio 2005.

.NET Framework 3.0

38 questions

This assessment measures a candidate’s knowledge of developing and implementing Web-based applications using the .NET Framework 3.0. There are questions on ASP.NET, Workflow, Windows Foundations, Web Parts, Windows Forms, and general .NET Framework concepts. This assessment is appropriate for experienced users of .NET Framework 3.0.

.NET Framework 4.0

35 questions

This .NET Framework 4.0 assessment is designed to assess the test takers knowledge of .NET Framework with an emphasis on ASP.NET. Topics covered on this test include .NET Framework 4.0 features, ASP.NET, WCF, code and syntax, WPF, security, and services. This test is appropriate for test takers that have at least two years of experience with .NET Framework 4.0.

.NET Framework 4.5

45 questions

The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 provides a platform for building distributed systems using several foundational technologies. The technologies and topics covered on this assessment include Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Entity Framework, and Windows Communication Foundation – Connected Systems. This assessment is intended for experienced software developers that have a solid understanding of .NET Framework 4.5 and more than one year of experience.

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