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Adobe Flash

Berke offers the following tests:

  • Adobe Flash CS3
  • Adobe Flash CS5

Adobe Flash CS3

38 questions

This test is designed to measure the test taker's proficiency with the design, animation, and online publishing tools offered by the Adobe Flash CS3 Professional development package. While it includes questions regarding technical issues likely to be faced by any Flash professional today, it is not intended to measure one's knowledge of application development or more technical aspects of Flash/ActionScript software programming and debugging. The test will focus on the basics of the Flash integrated design environment itself, the design and animation tools used to create original content within the Flash IDE, Third, the many tools for incorporating external assets such as image, audio and video files into Flash presentations, and the optimization techniques and best practices to ensure the test taker understands how best to use the tools provided.

Adobe Flash CS5

43 questions

This Adobe Flash Professional CS5 test is designed to access a test taker's abilities and skills as an Adobe Flash developer. With this in mind, the assessment presents questions that focus on a variety of topics that include fundamentals, setting up a Flash scene, motion tweens, movie clips and video, ActionScript and interactivity, and animation basics. This assessment is appropriate for beginner and intermediate test takers with a year or more experience.

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