Pre-employment skills testing.

Skills Tests are a useful part of any assessment for providing an unbiased measurement of a participant's ability to perform or understand a particular duty that is part of their everyday job.

These could take the form of a variety of questions surrounding tasks a person would perform in office situations, and can typically be answered easily by someone who has already done the job previously. Some are more immersive and require the participant to actively complete tasks inside a software program or scenario to imitate their performance capabilities in a real-life workplace.

The answers provided translate as metrics in a report that hiring managers can then compare against qualities they are seeking in their next employee.

Skills Tests are useful for:

  • Supplementing soft-skills measurements like personality or cognitive reasoning so you know that you'll have a good culture fit as well as someone who can do the tasks needed.
  • Ensuring that a candidate has the skills espoused in their application.
  • Measuring a candidate’s strength in a particular skill so you know if they need additional training or can hit the ground running.
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