Extraversion personality testing

Personality tests help employers understand what types of interactions and environments a candidate feels most at home with, and how they prefer to work. The trait of extraversion-introversion describes the way people interact with the world around them. Extroverts are more likely to be energized through social interaction and gregarious behavior; on the other hand, introverts find social interactions draining and prefer to spend time focused on quiet and deliberate work.

Introverts tend to:

  • Be calm
  • Be self-aware
  • Have small (yet close) group of friends
  • Exhibit emotional control
  • Be introspective
  • Enjoy solitude
  • Be harder to get to know
  • Be observant

Extraverts tend to:

  • Be open and willing to share
  • Enjoy being the center of attention
  • Be expressive
  • Be motivational
  • Be optimistic
  • Be friendly and socially engaging
  • Seek novelty
  • Solve problems through discussion

Why is understanding personality type important in the workplace?

Both introverts and extroverts bring value to the workplace. Consider a general example: Asking an extrovert to spend long periods of time working on their own, in a lab doing scientific research, would be unsatisfying. An extrovert would be better off communicating the results of this study to an audience and being “the face” of the work. Conversely, the introvert would be satisfied with the focused, quiet environment of the laboratory. And the introvert would be happy to share the spotlight with the extrovert and avoid much of the social interaction and extemporaneous speaking. When a person’s innate preferences match the duties of their job, job satisfaction rates and employee retention rates improve. Before you hire a new employee, It’s important to understand where he or she is likely to thrive, based on their preferred work style. Berke helps you place the right people in the right jobs. Predictive hiring profiles identify which candidates have the characteristics to succeed.

Jobs well suited to introversion.

  • Scientist
  • Mechanic
  • Researcher
  • Pilot
  • Statistician
  • Animal Care
  • Film/Video Editor
  • Reporter

Jobs well suited to extraversion.

  • Sales Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Project Manager
  • Registered Nurse
  • Life Coach
  • Event Planner
  • Public Relations Director
  • Human Resources Manager

Berke personality assessment.

Berke’s personality test evaluates two traits that relate to introversion and extroversion. Sociability is the natural tendency to actively and consistently seek out social connections with other people. Sociability is often associated with a degree of social confidence in meeting new people and carrying out non-business related social interactions. Berke also measures a candidate’s responsiveness, the tendency to react spontaneously and to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions openly and outwardly.

Every job requires a different set of skills and traits. Berke conducts job benchmark studies that determine the commonalities among top performers. The benchmark studies inform hiring profiles, which outline the traits required for success. When candidates take the assessment, their results are compared against the hiring profile to create a job fit score. Job fit scores make it easy to understand whether a person’s innate abilities align with the requirements of the job.

Interview guides tailored to each candidate suggest questions based off of assessment results. Helping you ask relevant, behavioral based questions that make it easy to get to the know the candidate beyond their resume and assessment results.

With Berke, having to guess whether the candidate has the traits to succeed is no longer a concern. 9 out 10 customers report that Berke accurately describes candidates.

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