Pre-employment vocabulary tests

Vocabulary tests help organizations predict candidates' ability to communicate effectively and learn new concepts. Vocabulary refers to a person’s verbal knowledge and knowledge of the word’s various connotations and logical relationships with other words. People develop their vocabulary through a mixture of life experiences and exposure to education. Therefore, vocabulary reflects the breadth and depth of one’s accumulated knowledge of a culture and society.

Why is vocabulary related to job competence?

Vocabulary is related to job success because it is essential for effective communication and problem-solving.


Substantial vocabularies are often associated with strong written and oral communication. In the workplace, communication skills affect a person’s ability to be understood and to understand co-workers, which in turns affects task performance and teamwork.


A large vocabulary also enhances one’s problem-solving at work. During reasoning and problem-solving, a person needs to utilize working memory to process novel information and come up with solutions. Words stored in our long-term memory serve as useful concepts that reduce the number of items we have to make sense of at any moment, allowing for concentrating our working memory on deeper comprehension of the novel information.

What impact does a candidate's vocabulary have in the workplace?

Having a good vocabulary is an asset for almost all positions. Below is a list of jobs where vocabulary is vital for overall performance:

  • Healthcare professionals – they need to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with patients and coworkers.
  • Social worker – they need to be able to listen and ask pertinent questions to understand the client’s circumstances so they can formulate the best solutions.
  • Technical writer – they need to be able to understand complex technical concepts so they can write about them clearly and in a way that others will follow.
  • Personnel recruiter – they need to be able to communicate job requirements in a practical way so that they can recruit the right employees.
  • Sales representative – they need to be able to listen to understand the prospects needs and craft a message that will resonate.
  • Leadership roles - they need to be able to understand and balance the needs of their team and the needs of the business to impact change.

Berke vocabulary test.

Before you hire an employee, it’s important to understand the level of their vocabulary. Berke measures a person’s vocabulary and identifies whether their vocabulary aligns with the requirements of the job.

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