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Using Berke Assessment.

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Adding a New User to Your Account

Learn how to add new users to your system who can send invites, perform functions, and view reports.

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Adding New Departments

Create departments to organize your internal company structure and improve workflow for users.

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Inviting People to Assessments

Learn how to send invitations for assessments to individual participants or to entire groups at once.

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Reviewing Participant History Logs

View a history log of all a participant's interactions within the assessment from invite to completion.

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Understanding the Demographic Survey

There is a voluntary demographic survey at the end of every assessment. Read about it and why it is there.

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Updating Participant Information

Update names, correct email typos, add phone numbers, change hiring managers, and more.

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Updating Your Information

Change your personal information such as name, email, username, or update your password.

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