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Using Berke's Email Connector.

Berke's Email Connector is a lightweight integration tool that uses templated emails from your ATS/HRIS system to send assessments to your candidates and automatically deliver reports back to your email inbox. The Email Connector is an add-on to your Berke account for an additional fee and must be implemented by you or your IT provider.​

How does it work?

First, your HRIS/ATS sends Berke a specially formatted email. Berke then sends your candidate an assessment invitation. After the candidate completes the assessment, Berke sends you a copy of the report.

Email Connector process

How do I know if I can use it?

Use the chart below to determine if your system is eligible.

Question flowchart for email connector eligibility

Frequently asked questions.

What does [id.yourcompany] stand for in the email address?

The [id] portion of the email address tells Berke Assessment which Berke customer is using the Email Connector. That part is unique to each Berke customer.

What if I collect the full name instead of first name, last name separately?

No problem. If the system does not have First and Last name separately available, you can use this line instead.
{|~ FullName : John Smith ~|}

What about a subject line for the email?

The subject line of the email sent to the Berke Email Connector is not required or used.

Is that all there is to it?

The Berke Email Connector contains many additional features that may be available depending on the data available in your system and its ability to include that data in the email template (such as setting a personal invitation message or including a list of email addresses to receive the assessment report).

How do I get started?

  1. Checked the chart above and verify your system is compatible. Every system has different capabilities and Berke must rely on you to determine compatibility and that your ATS license exposes the features you require for implementation.
  2. Please review the implementation documentation and review the Email Connector's Terms of Use.
  3. Contact Berke's Customer Success team to discuss adding the Email Connector to your account.

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