Replicate Your Top Performers

How To Replicate A Star

Have you ever looked at one of your really talented, high performing employees and thought to yourself...

“I wish I had ten more just like him…”

While some teams are strong from top to bottom, just as often we see one or two individuals in a group delivering the bulk of the results.  Some people just seem to have a certain something that allows them to reliably hit the mark, all the while making it look easy and more importantly making it easy for you to manage them.  And it’s not always a matter of experience or intelligence or even work ethic.  Whatever it is seems to be almost intangible.  But is it?

Our extensive research has shown that top performers in specific jobs often share certain core behaviors and talents.  We also find they frequently have traits not found in middle or lower level performers.  

Our goal is to find the answers to two critical questions:

  • What traits do top performers in a particular job have in common?
  • What traits set top performers apart from their peers to make them unique?

Having your top performers take the Berke Assessment is the first step.  

Once your top performers having taken the Berke Assessment, we start to understand their behavioral blueprint.  We can identify their most prominent characteristics and see which ones are consistent from person to person.  Maybe they only share one or two traits.  Or perhaps there are a number of qualities they have in common. Either way, we can help you pinpoint the type of individual you want to hire in the future.  We then use this information to set specific targets that you can compare your candidates. And we can tell you how well your candidates fit with the target and what the red flags are. 

We can also help you figure out what to avoid.  When we administer Berke Assessments to an entire team of people who do the same job (for example, a sales team, a management team, a production team), we often find performance problems cluster around shared traits as well.  Once we identify those, you’ll understand what to steer clear of in future hires.

Your next top performers are out there.  With Berke, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.