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What can a great assessment do for you?

A great pre employment assessment is much more than just a simple personality inventory that rubber stamps what you already think. It's an important tool to use at all levels of the organization. It is a tactical tool for making the best hire; it is a strategic tool for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team and organization. Over time it will lift the performance of your entire organization.

Replicate Your Top Performers

A great assessment can be used to research and discover the qualities that are shared by your top performers. And it can help you identify the qualities that separate them from your average performers.  Then you can spot candidates immediately who share those qualities of personality and talent that are common to your most successful people.  Read More >>

Reduce Turnover

The number one cause of unwanted turnover is bad fit for the job. A person who does not have the talents necessary to do a job easily – or one that has too much talent for the job he is hired for – will quickly get dissatisfied and start to think about leaving.  Read More >>

Stop Resume Spam

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend screening and interviewing candidates who end up not being a great fit for the job? A great assessment will help you quickly weed out those people who aren’t a great fit for the job.  So you can spend more time with those who have the potential to be a great employee.  Read More >>

Develop Your Employees

A great assessment the perfect tool to help you identify areas of potential weakness and strength. Managers can track whether weaknesses are impacting performance and advise development to remedy. Of perhaps even greater significance, managers have a tool to pinpoint areas of strength in order to make sure employees are able to make the most of them.  Read More >>

Predict Performance Before You Hire

This is basic. Out of all the applicants, who are the real candidates for the job? Which ones have the raw potential to be top performers? A great assessment should be research-based. It should clearly show which applicants have the personality and talents for the job – and which don’t.  Read More >>