Interviewing a candidate

Berke’s Comprehensive
Interview Guide

Learn how to conduct meaningful interviews and get to know the real person.

What You’ll Learn

Interviewing is harder than it looks. This guide teaches you the importance of asking historical rather than hypothetical questions, how to make your time feel like a conversation, not an interrogation, how to get the most out of other team members’ feedback, and ultimately how to select the best candidate for the job.

Tip 1:

Remember to stop asking, “What if?”

Questioning man

Tip 2:

Don’t overlook personal history

Bullseye with a checklist

Tip 3:

Don’t shy away from a 4 hour interview

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"The success of our business is absolutely dependent on making sure every person we hire can achieve our high standards. Berke was the right partner to help us find the right people."

-Hatton Smith, President and CEO, Royal Cup Coffee

"Berke taught us exceptional techniques for how to bring new people into the company. They helped us develop personalized, probing interview questions, the kinds of questions that can make or break a hire."

-Mike Brezina, Vice President/HR, David Weekley Homes


About the Authors

Kelly Land

Kelly Land

Kelly is co-founder and CEO of Berke. His role covers many areas including marketing, sales, product development, and most importantly hiring. He believes an organization’s health and profitability are directly tied to the quality of it’s people.

Janna Mansker

Janna Mansker

Janna is a consultant, trainer and writer. She leads Berke’s education initiatives, pulling from her 20 years of experience helping client organizations develop effective people management strategies.