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Interviewing—it can be a time-consuming, grueling process.  

Especially if you’re hiring process is causing you to spend too much effort on the wrong people. How does that happen?  See if you’re guilty of any of the following:

Spending more than 30-45 minutes with each candidate during your first round screening interviews.

Bringing too many (more than 2 or 3) candidates back for secondary interviews.

Having a fourth, fifth or sixth interview with a candidate because you still aren’t sure the job is a good fit.

Spent weeks or even months interviewing a candidate, only to find out you made a bad choice with the first six months the person is on the job.

If the above scenarios look familiar, you are probably wasting a lot of time during your hiring process.  We would never suggest you rush through just to make a quick decision.  But we also hate to see managers toiling through multiple interviews with a wide variety of individuals, especially since only one of these people will actually get the job.

What’s the solution?  

Berke can help you streamline your hiring process.  Our science and research allows us to provide you with a quick, accurate blueprint highlighting a candidate’s key traits.  At a glance you’ll see how those qualities fit with your open position.  You can quickly separate the true contenders from the individuals who miss the mark.  And you can spend more time on the right candidates, since Berke helps you identify and avoid the wrong ones.

Where are you spending your time?