Friendly reports help you make the right decision.

Streamline your hiring and interview process with friendly, easy to use reports. Get to know candidates with accurate insights and conduct great interviews with personalized interview guides. Plus, there’s no training needed because all reports are written with hiring managers in mind.

Key Insights and Analysis
Job Fit Report.

Employees whose talents and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, happier, and stay longer. Berke’s Job Fit Report measures the fit between a job and a person. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why.

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Tailored Interviews
Interview Guide.

Conducting a great interview is critical to identifying the right person for a job. Berke’s Job Fit Interview Guide is customized to each person and job. It helps you ask questions and get to know the candidate beyond their resume. Interview Guides help ensure hiring managers conduct consistent interviews across all candidates.

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Culture Fit
Spotlight Report.

Understanding a person’s natural traits and talents is critical to relationship building. Spotlight Reports allow you to get to know a person outside a job’s specific requirements. Spotlight Interview Guides help assess culture fit and facilitate employee development.

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Coaching and Development
Participant Report.

Sharing reports with employees who complete an assessment encourages a productive dialogue between manager and employee. Participant reports are designed to be shared with the employees and encourage conversations about development opportunities.

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