Berke pre-employment assessment.

Berke is a pre-employment assessment that measures personality traits and problem-solving abilities. Connect your CATS account to Berke to identify the candidates who best match your job requirements.

Intergrating Berke with CATS gives you the functionalities of Berke within your ATS


Get to know candidates

A resume only tells you so much. Berke describes how a person thinks and acts. 


Tailor to your business

Compare candidates to job benchmarks customized for each company and job.


Easy to use

Reports are intuitive. Straightforward language and charts highlight key qualities.

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Get two assessments. Assess a candidate, an employee, or even yourself.

Understand job fit

Job fit scores show you where candidates hit or miss job targets. Quickly assess risk and see how mismatches could impact performance. Objective candidate data combined with predictive analytics helps you select or recommend the right person for the job.

A filter with people going into it

Filter candidates faster

With Berke connected to CATS, you have everything in one place. Berke Job Fit Ratings sit alongside the rest of your candidate data, allowing you to sort candidates by job fit score, and prioritize outreach.

Perfect for recruiters

Leading staffing agencies rely on Berke to help them identify the best talent and grow their business. Compare candidates to multiple jobs and understand where they will excel. Make Berke your own through private labeling and provide clients with personalized interview guides.

Everything in one place.

Integrating Berke with CATS means there is one less system for your team to log into and learn. Send assessment invitations and view reports, without leaving CATS. Make more informed hiring decisions with Berke data integrated into candidate profiles.

Screenshot of the CATS / Berke integration with Berke scores

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“Hiring Managers refuse
to meet with anyone who hasn’t
completed Berke.”

photo of Marcelle Wood

Marcelle Wood,
Chief Human Resources Officer
Hanover Research

“I tell everyone about Berke. It has transformed the way we hire people. The results are spot-on.”

photo of Dave Lancaster

Dave Lancaster,

“There is no more struggling to figure out how a candidate matches a job’s requirements – Berke does it for us.”

photo of Joeann Lomax

Joeann Lomax,
Director of Human Resources
Shea Properties

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Berke gives you the assessment tools to build a better company.

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