Develop Your Employees

Employee Development Starts with the Interview

A great interview tool.  A peek behind the “interview persona.”  Clear insight into matches and mismatches.  Berke offers all those benefits during the hiring process.  We’ll help you make the best possible decision and select the candidate with the greatest potential for success.

But that’s only the beginning.  

What can Berke do for you after the hiring phase is over?  First, it can help you determine how to best develop your new employee.  Look back over the person’s profile.  What parts of the job is the individual naturally well-suited to?  Those tasks will be easiest train, and he or she will probably be able to get up to speed more quickly in those areas.  What parts are going to be a challenge?   Those will require a different approach, and probably more patience on your end.   Because Berke Assessments offer specific input and advice on areas for training, you can use the information to customize an approach that will ease the transition from new hire to new team member.

Then you’re ready to take training and development to the next level.

Once initial training is complete, Berke offers a wealth of information to continue developing employees and maximizing their potential.  It can help you:

Manage Performance -- Identify ways to challenge and motivate team members, understand the root cause of performance problems, provide coaching to help people get past roadblocks that are holding them back.

Define and Plan Career Paths -- Whether employees want to move up or expand their responsibilities in their current roles, each manager’s job is to help individuals develop and work toward specific career goals.  

Build Bench Strength -- Identify management potential and begin developing a pipeline of strong candidates for future internal promotion opportunities.

Understand and Enhance Team Dynamics -- Teamwork thrives when individuals understand themselves and their peers.  What they have in common and how they are different.  How they can all work together to create a sum that’s stronger than the individual parts.  Berke Assessments can be a great tool for team building activities.

Our customers often tell us they find themselves regularly reading back over Berke Assessments on employees.  That even after working with someone for years, they sometimes find a statement that offers insight into how they can best work with an individual.  A reminder of why something may be difficult for a person.  An answer to a question they can’t quite figure out.

Because hiring doesn’t mean you’ve crossed the finish line.

It’s only the beginning, and Berke can support you every step of the way.