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Assess entire teams, easily.

Berke Product Team, October 26, 2018

Sending individual assessments to a few people is easy and only takes a moment. However, if you need to assess large groups or even your whole business, sending individual invitations is tedious, slow, and error-prone.

Berke includes a group assessment function that reads a spreadsheet containing the names and email addresses of your group and sends individual invitations to each person. It’s a fast, reliable way to send invitations to everyone without laboriously sending the invitations one at a time.

To invite a group of people to take an assessment, log in with a Berke administrator account and click “Assess Group” on the People tab. From the Assess Group window, you will download a spreadsheet with columns where you will type in your participants' names and email addresses.

screenshot of Excel file with invitees

Once your spreadsheet is ready, you will follow the friendly prompts on Berke’s site to send invitations. The remaining process will be familiar to you already – pick the hiring manager, assessment to deliver, personal message, etc.

After you confirm your settings, Berke handles everything else. Berke immediately delivers the invitations to your group.

screenshot of invitations sent

Once you invite your participants, Berke will automatically send reminders as needed to finish the assessment in a timely fashion. You can track the status of your group’s progress as well.

screenshot of invited group progress

The next time you’re about to send more than 5 invitations, try the Assess Group feature. It will save you time and effort.

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