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Get to know candidates with the Berke Assessment.

Berke is a pre-employment assessment that measures personality and problem-solving traits as well as hard skills that your business needs. Following an assessment, you automatically receive a report that provides clear, actionable guidelines to help you make a great hiring decision.

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Backed by science and research.

With more than 500 criterion-related validation studies, you can rely on Berke to provide an unbiased perspective. Objective candidate data allows you to make smarter hiring decisions.

Configured to your needs.

Unlike other assessments, Berke is customized to your jobs and your organization’s culture. Depending on your requirements, the length of the assessment can vary from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

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Accessible anywhere.

The Berke Assessment is easy to read and easy to complete on any device, making it simpler for candidates to take the assessment on their terms. When candidates have the ability to take the assessment on their laptop or a mobile device, you get higher completion rates.

What Berke measures.

People are hardwired with traits that determine what they do well, what they do easily and what they enjoy. Berke measures those innate traits and abilities.

Personality traits

Berke measures 7 personality traits. Personality traits describe the way people relate to and interact with others and the world around them.


A natural tendency to adapt to people's feelings when communicating or making decisions.

Adaptable people are described as:
good listeners, empathetic, diplomatic, team players


A natural tendency to take action or control in most situations.

Assertive people are described as:
self-starting, ambitious, energetic, good leaders


A natural tendency to experience strong emotions when frustrated or faced with obstacles.

Intense people are described as:
passionate, tenacious, resilient, having a sense of urgency


A natural tendency to think positively about other people and the future, no matter what is happening.

Optimistic people are described as:
upbeat, cheerful, friendly, having a positive attitude


A natural tendency to express opinions and feelings openly and outwardly.

Responsive people are described as:
fast-paced, expressive, enthusiastic, motivational


A natural tendency to gain satisfaction from interacting with other people.

Sociable people are described as:
communicators, people-oriented, consensus builders


A natural tendency to seek order, certainty, and correctness.

Structured people are described as:
detail-oriented, safety-oriented, punctual, reliable

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Problem-solving traits

Berke measures 4 problem-solving traits. Problem-solving traits describe a person’s natural abilities and influence what types of tasks come easiest to them. The problem-solving measures are Berke’s cognitive/intelligence indicators.

Logical Problem Solving

An ability to think through large, complex problems in a linear, step-by-step way.

Logical Problem Solvers tend to be:
critical thinkers, pragmatic, big-picture people, organized

Rapid Problem Solving

An ability to deal quickly with many problems, one after another.

Rapid Problem Solvers tend to be:
good in a crisis, multi-taskers, quick decision-makers, intuitive

Spatial Visualization

Refers to an ability to visualize and manipulate objects in three dimensions.

Spatial identifies people who are:
tech-savvy, systems thinkers, skilled computer users

Skills and Attitudinal Measures

In addition to the personality and problem-solving measures, Berke offers a typing skills test, an attitudinal test for integrity, and a wide variety of hard skills tests.

Hard Skills

Berke offers over 800+ skills tests to supplement any assessment need.

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A measure of a person's opinions and attitudes towards honesty, theft, and attendance.

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