5 reasons to look beyond the resume.

Talent acquisition professionals are finding traditional means of screening less and less useful. Here are the top 5 reasons they are looking beyond resumes, experience, and credentials to identify A-players in the face of low unemployment and talent shortages.

employees in a tug of war

Culture fit is as important as skills.

Resumes are one dimensional; they don’t illustrate candidate behaviors and motivators. Worry too much about candidates’ skills and miss the best team players.

man whose shadow reveals him to be lying

85% of applicants lie on resumes.

Bad data results in bad hires. Don’t rely on candidate reported data to make your screening decisions. You could be overlooking the best (and most honest) candidates.

Humans aren't looking at resumes anyways.

Applicant Tracking Systems are weeding out candidates based on the words in their resume before a recruiter even has a chance to review the resume. When a resume is viewed by human eyes, they spend an average of 7.4 seconds on it.

a resume being shredded

people of color being looked over for a white male

Resumes reinforce bias.

A resume with a distinctly African American or Asian name will receive 30% to 50% fewer callbacks than the same resume with a European American name. We are unnecessarily reducing pipeline and removing top talent from the conversation.

woman's shadow shows she is a superhero

Hire for potential, not experience.

Hiring for potential expands your candidate pool and illuminates unconventional candidates. Hire someone for what you think they can do, not what they have done.

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